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M The elements which first be afflicted by alcohol are the ones expansions of the frame which the anatomists name the membranes. "The pores and skin is a membranous envelope. Through the entire of the alimentary surface, from the lips downward, and via the bronchial passages to their minutest ramifications, extends the mucous membrane. The lungs, the heart, the liver, the kidneys are folded in sensitive membranes, which may be stripped effortlessly from those elements. If you are taking a part of bone, you'll discover it smooth to strip off from it a membranous sheath or covering; in case you have a look at a joint, you'll discover each the top and the socket coated with membranes. The entire of the intestines are enveloped in a high-quality membrane called  peritoneum . All the muscle tissues are enveloped in membranes, and the fasciculi, or bundles and fibres of muscle tissues, have their membranous sheathing. The mind and spinal wire are enveloped in 3 membranes; one nearest to themselves, a natural vascular shape, a community of blood-vessels; another, a skinny serous shape; a third, a sturdy fibrous shape. The eyeball is a shape of colloidal humors and membranes, and of not anything else. To entire the description, the minute systems of the essential organs are enrolled in membranous be counted." 

These membranes are the filters of the frame. "In their absence there will be no constructing of shape, no solidification of tissue, nor natural mechanism. Passive themselves, they, nevertheless, separate all systems into their respective positions and adaptations." 

Membranous deteriorations.

In order to make flawlessly clean in your thoughts the movement and use of those membranous expansions, and the manner wherein alcohol deteriorates them, and obstructs their paintings, we quote once more from Dr. Richardson: 

"The animal gets from the vegetable international and from the earth the food and drinks it calls for for its sustenance and motion. It gets colloidal meals for its muscle tissues: flamable meals for its motion; water for the answer of its diverse elements; salt for positive and different bodily purposes. These have all to be organized withinside the frame; and they're organized via the membranous envelopes. Through those membranes not anything can byskip that isn't, for the time, in a nation of aqueous solution, like water or soluble salts. Water passes freely via them, salts byskip freely via them, however the positive be counted of the lively elements this is colloidal does now no longer byskip; it's miles retained in them till it's miles chemically decomposed into the soluble sort of be counted. When we take for our meals a part of animal flesh, it's miles first resolved, in digestion, right into a soluble fluid earlier than it is able to be absorbed; withinside the blood it's miles resolved into the fluid colloidal condition; withinside the solids it's miles laid down in the membranes into new shape, and while it has performed its component, it's miles digested once more, if I may also so say, right into a crystalloidal soluble substance, prepared to be over excited and changed through addition of recent be counted, then it's miles dialysed or handed via, the membranes into the blood, and is disposed of withinside the excretions. 

"See, then, what an all-crucial component those membranous systems play withinside the animal life. Upon their integrity all of the silent paintings of the constructing up of the frame depends. If those membranes are rendered too porous, and set free the colloidal fluids of the blood the albumen, as an example the frame so circumstanced, dies; dies as though it had been slowly bled to death. If, at the contrary, they come to be condensed or thickened, or loaded with overseas material, then they fail to permit the herbal fluids to byskip via them. They fail to dialyse, and the end result is, both an accumulation of the fluid in a closed cavity, or contraction of the substance inclosed in the membrane, or dryness of membrane in surfaces that have to be freely lubricated and stored apart. In antique age we see the consequences of amendment of membrane obviously induced; we see the constant joint, the shrunken and feeble muscle, the dimmed eye, the deaf ear, the enfeebled worried function. 

"It may also in all likelihood seem, in the beginning sight, that I am main without delay farfar from the problem of the secondary movement of alcohol. It isn't so. I am main without delay to it. Upon these kinds of membranous systems alcohol exerts a right away perversion of movement. It produces in them a thickening, a shrinking and an inactiveness that reduces their purposeful power. That they'll paintings unexpectedly and equally, they require to be always charged with water to saturation. If, into touch with them, any agent is delivered that deprives them of water, then is their paintings interfered with; they give up to split the saline components properly; and, if the evil this is as a result started, be allowed to continue, they agreement upon their contained be counted in some thing organ it could be situated, and condense it. 

"In brief, below the extended have an effect on of alcohol the ones modifications which take area from it withinside the blood corpuscles, expand to the alternative natural elements, related to them in structural deteriorations, that are usually dangerous, and are frequently in the long run fatal."



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